14 Biblical Principles For Good Health

14 Biblical Principles For Good Health

God's word has a lot to say about your health.  What you put into your body and how you handle your body can be an act of worship.  We give Him glory when we take care of our bodies.  And our body, mind and spirit are all connected.  That's the way God intended.  So, here are 14 simple biblical principles for your good health.  I've included scripture references for each one. 1. Eat your meals at regular intervals(Ecclesiastes 10:17).  I recommend eating 5-6 meals per day each 2-3 hours apart.

2. Don't overeat(Proverbs 23:2, Luke 21:34).  This is a tough one for me personally.  Don't make food an idol.  And if it is and you know it, ask God to help you overcome it - I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!!

3. Make mealtime a happy time(Ecclesiastes 3:13).  Spend it with family and friends - not in front of the TV or computer.

4. Don't harbor envy or hold grudges(Proverbs 14:30, Matthew 5:23,24).  Therapy for your mind, body and spirit.

5. Maintain a cheerful, happy disposition(Proverbs 17:22; 23:7).  If you spend too much time in the dumps, you'll start looking like one.

6. Balance work and exercise with sleep and rest(Exodus 20:9,10, Ecclesiastes 2:22,23; 5:12, Psalm 127:2).  Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep every 24 hours.

7. Keep your body clean(Isaiah 52:11).  Shower often - that's what I tell my kids and sometimes they listen!

8. Be temperate in all things(1 Corinthians 9:25, Philippians 4:5).  Know when you've had enough of a good thing!

9. Help those who are in need(Isaiah 58:6-8).  This will help you get your mind off yourself for a while!

10. Bury body waste to avoid disease(Deuteronomy 23:12-13).  This is obviously for health reasons, because history and science has shown that if this was not done, diseases would spread and people would die from them.  And, just in case you're wondering, flushing the toilet will do the trick just fine - you don't have to actually bury it!  :)

11. Avoid eating animals that were strangled(Acts 15:20,29; 21:25).  

12. Avoid eating animals that die by themselves(Leviticus 17:15; 22:8, Deuteronomy 14:21, Ezekiel 4:14). Do not boil a young animal in its mother's milk (Deuteronomy 14:21).  

13. Do not eat animal fat or blood(Genesis 9:4, Leviticus 3:17; 7:23-27; 17:10-14, Deuteronomy 12:16). Recent scientific studies have confirmed the fact that most heart attacks result from a high cholesterol level in the blood -and that the use of "fats" is largely responsible for this high level. Also, the blood can transfer diseases. Science is just catching up with the Bible.

14. Put full trust in the Lord(Proverbs 4:20-22; 19:23).  The simplest things are the hardest to do, but this is one that if you live by it every day, you cannot go wrong.  You will be tested.  You will be tempted.  But, if you put the Lord your God first, He is always faithful to provide a solution to your every need and your ever problem!  Trust Him for your good health!

No, go out Get Fit - Get SpiritFit!!