Do You Like To Worship While You Workout?

Do You Like To Worship While You Workout?

We exist to make music that helps you worship while you workout.  We want you to use this in your personal runs, walks, stretching and cool downs.  We want you to use this music in your fitness classes that you teach, if you're a fitness instructor. 

Our aim is to produce great quality music of all genres all with a Christian, faith-based lyrical worldview.  In other words, if we create music with vocals, you can be sure the lyrics will be clean, edifying and uplifting to your spirit.  

We are Christians who want to make fantastic workout music you can use in your personal workouts and for fitness instructors to use in their classes.

We will make music for step aerobics, cardio, sculpting, jogging, running, power-walking, interval training, bootcamp, latin, yoga, pilates, stretching, pre-natal, strength and toning, massage and even seasonal Christian workouts.  

Our music will have vocals, instrumental and even spoken-word audio over top of the music sometimes for special audiobook or bible reading!  Pretty cool concepts, we think!

We make all of our music here in Nashville.  To find out more about who we are, you can click here.

Take some time to look around and get familiar with our music!  Thanks for stopping by.