MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: Latin Dance Workout Albums in English, Spanish and Instrumental.

MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: Latin Dance Workout Albums in English, Spanish and Instrumental. is excited to announce the release of three new albums specifically for Zumba and latin-inspired dance workout classes. Eric Nordhoff, of SpiritFit Music, says, “By far, the most requested music for workouts and fitness classes we get is for latin workout mixes.  Zumba instructors especially have asked us for these!  We started the recording in July 2012 and we finally finished!  We probably have never been more excited about a product than this project.”

Normally, a new album takes one month to produce from start to finish, but with this mix, we took it to the next level. First, all of the songs were written originally for this project.  Second, we recruited the help of two spanish-speaking writers and vocalists for the Spanish version of Latin Dance Workout, Ejercicios a Ritmo Latino.

Follow these links to experience these projects for yourselves:

Click here to listen to Latin Dance Workout.

Click here to listen to Ejercicios a Ritmo Latino. (Spanish version)

Click here to listen to Latin Dance Workout (Instrumental Version).

Tony LeBron, who won the Gospel Dream contest in 2009, was one of those artists.  He’s a busy recording artist singing in both Spanish and English churches in the US and Latin America.  He came up to Nashville from South Florida to record vocals in December 2012.  We recorded some of his vocal work in studio and did a short interview with him - the video is posted here.

Veronica Petrucci is a Franklin, TN resident (we have so much great vocal talent to choose from here) and was very glad to translate and sing Spanish and English on many of the songs for us too.

Producer Paul Buono, a founding member of SpiritFit Music, took the project to another level with his expert arrangements and authentic latin stylings including piano riffs and live horns recorded for the project.

In addition to the Spanish and English, we also made available fully instrumental versions (without vocals) of the projects with the Latin Dance Workout (Instrumental Version).

We’ve been flooded with positive and encouraging reviews from our fitness instructor friends since the release of these projects at the beginning of the year.

All SpiritFit Music mixes can be found on and on iTunes for individual or album download.

SpiritFit Music offers workout music mixes of various types and styles for personal workouts and fitness classes.  We produce all of our fitness music from a Christian worldview.  Our goal is to offer high-quality, current-sounding music with clean lyrics that inspires listeners to move upward in their overall body, mind and spiritual fitness.  "SpiritFit Music: Worship While You Workout".