The Obesity Epidemic In American Churches

The Obesity Epidemic In American Churches

It's true, FoxNews just reported that the obesity epidemic in America is actually worst in America's churches.  Here's a short excerpt of the article:

"Statistics suggest that the church today may indeed be in worse condition than the general population.  A 2006 Purdue study found that the fundamental Christians are by far the heaviest of all religious groups led by the Baptists with a 30% obesity rate compared with Jews at 1%, Buddhists and Hindus at 0.7%."  

"Similarly, a 2011 Northwestern University study tracking 3,433 men and women for 18 years found that young adults who attend church or a bible study once a week are 50% more likely to be obese."

Being in church for most of my adult life, this doesn't surprise me.  There's not a social gathering at church that doesn't involve candy, donuts, treats and lots of fattening, unhealthy foods.  It's ironic to me because aren't we called to take care of our bodies as believers?!  I love a cup of coffee every now and again, but do we really need all those fattening coffee concoctions right there in the lobby along with pastries to tempt us?  What kind of a message are we sending to people? 

It's time to wake-up, church!

It's our personal mission here at to partner with you in glorifying God by taking care of the temple He's given us to steward.  

It doesn't take a radical change.  Cut out the processed foods, reduce meat consumption, eat more vegetables and fruits and take care of yourself by walking/exercising EVERY DAY.  Do this as much as possible with friends, but when you're alone, you can listen to WALK WITH POWER or RUN THE RACE mixes from SpiritFit Music!!

Click on this Fox News article link to read the entire article.  

This article motivates me even more to partner with Christian organizations that promote health and fitness in our daily lives - during the time the Lord gives us on this earth!  If you are such an organization or know of one, please send them our way - email us or write a comment below.  We would love to connect and make a difference!