Welcome to SpiritFit Music.com!

Welcome to SpiritFit Music.com!

We've been making Christian music mixes for personal workouts and professional fitness trainers since 2010.  4 years prior, music producer Paul Buono and Christian music industry veteran, Eric Nordhoff met for the first time.  Paul had just returned from Helsinki, Finland, where he produced a Finnish band who had a passion to share their faith in the clubs and bars of Finland.  Their musical style of choice and popularity was, of course, dance, club and trance music. The only difference in their music and the music of the clubs: the lyrics were declaring God's love for His people.  This first CD would later play a part in the first SpiritFit Music mixes. Eric's passion is music, his faith and fitness.  Combine these passions with his talent for starting up businesses and you get SpiritFitMusic.com - a Christian faith and fitness music company.

The faith and fitness industry is growing fast.  Very early on, Eric connected with Brad Bloom, pioneer of FaithandFitness.net.  Brad posted a small feature article on SpiritFit Music in Faith & Fitness Magazine in August of 2010.  Eric printed up a few CD samplers for Brad to handout at conferences and giveaway online.  It was a hit!  Because of the growing readership of the magazine, several Christian fitness instructors inquired about the music feature with Brad, and he passed those interests onto Eric.  From there, the first Christian faith and fitness music mix was created for Christian fitness instructor, Tonya Larson.  Tonya has since used SpiritFit Music in 2 of her last 3 DVDs.  All of Tonya's mixes are produced with 32-count music phrasing.

Another connection was with trainer, Amia Freeman.  Amia used a bootcamp and reggaeton dance mix we made for her for her next DVD production.

With the help of fitness trainers and the support of the local YMCA in Middle Tennessee, SpiritFit Music has created 15 mixes through 2011 for download on its website, on iTunes, Amazon.com and anywhere else music is sold for download.  We've made music mixes for running, power-walking, pilates, Christian yoga, dance, strength training, step, sculpting and massage.

"We're happy with how we started, but I'm looking forward to the many things coming up," says Eric Nordhoff, "For this new year, we have a passion to create more new mixes for more varieties of workouts - both personal and for fitness classes looking for inspirational and Christian-faith based lyrics."

If you have any music mix suggestions or comments about our music, please contact us by clicking HERE.